S.J Tilly - Alliance Series Overlay Subscription

Subscribe to our S.J. Tilly Alliance Overlay Subscription to guarantee you the following items every second month.

*Cost Includes Shipping*

Overlays, Waitlist Bookmark, Book Specific Bookmark, Book Specific 3x Stickers, 1x Exclusive Book Specific Tea and 1x Exclusive Print from the Photoshoot + 3x Prints from the Photoshoot

These are billed every second month on the 17th, and shipped every second month. 

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  • The Subscription is billed every two months (first purchase being the beginning of the subscription).
  • Package will be sent every two months and will include all items as per the description
  • Subscription is at a discounted rate to if you were to purchase individually
  • You can cancel at anytime prior to fulfilment