H.D Carlton - Bundle #1

Bundle #1 Includes; Zade Plushie, Staff Card+Lanyard and 1950's Style Artprint

Make a statement with the H.D Carlton Org Z Staff Card and Lanyard! The exclusive staff cards are made from a durable plastic and feature both gold and holographic foil, with only 1000 currently available. Boast about your own individual number and stand out from the crowd!

This exclusive Zade plushie for H.D. Carlton is perfect for cuddling! Super soft and squishy, he features a rose and pullback hood. Measuring 30cm tall and vacuum sealed for shipping, this plushie is sure to become your favourite snuggle buddy.

Bring a unique 1950s Popart style to the classic "Meadows Baby" scene by H.D Carlton. With its bright colours and high quality cardstock, this artprint looks stunning and makes the perfect addition for any fan of Haunting Adeline and Hunting Adeline. 

For all stickers, apply as normal and press firmly. Stickers are made from a PVC Vinyl.