Welcome to Dark Delights book event Brisbane 2025

September 20th 2025

We are so excited to have Brisbane's latest Romance author book signing event! Held in hall A and B of the Royal International Convention Centre this event is sure to be amazing. There is a night time event which is sure to wow attendees with it's Dark Romance Theme!

A L Rojo
Crystal North
Allegra Hall
Amber Bunch
Ashley Elizabeth
Ashley Kay
Avina St. Graves
Bec McMaster
C. C Davie
C. Hebert
C.L. Menegon
Carmen Jenner
Cassandra B Andreucci
Celaena Cuico
Chelsea Curto
Colette Rhodes
Cori Zahara
D.M. Simmons
Dana LeeAnn
Demi Clorissa
Devon May
DL Gallie
E.J. Campbell
Elle Thorpe
Emily Foxx
Everly Frost
Hannah Bird
Hannah Smith
Harleigh Beck
HM Hodgson
Hope Maree
J. J. Asher
J.M. Adele
J.O. Mantel

JA Low.

Jackie Egan
Jade May
Jane Washington
Jaye Pratt
Jessica Gleave
K.L. Steele
Kally Ash
Kat King
Kate Bonham / Ivy Lane
Lacey Lehotzky
Lauren Jackson
Layla Landon and geek chic oz
Layla Moon
Layla Pine
Leigh Rivers

Lexie Axelson
Lilith Vincent/Chloe Chastaine
Lorelei Johnson
Luci Fer
M.L Jewell
Mackenzy Fox
Melinda Terranova
Mila Young
Montana Fyre
Natasha Madden
Nicci Harris
Opal Reyne
Penny Dee
Rebecca Quinn
Sadie Cross
Samantha Barrett
Sarah JD
Sarah L Richhelm
Sasha RC
T J Maguire
Tara Lee.